As owners of solar systems, we rely heavily on the seamless performance of our solar inverters, and it becomes a real headache when they start having issues. Yet, let’s be honest, machines can be unpredictable sometimes. Today, let’s focus our attention on one reliable brand, Growatt, and discuss common problems associated with their solar inverters and how to troubleshoot these issues.

You have invested quite a bit in your solar system, and it’s only logical that you want it to function smoothly. Maybe you are eager to save money on electricity bills or to contribute to a more sustainable environment. Either way, knowledge about Growatt solar inverter troubleshooting and understanding their error codes is a critical step in solar system maintenance.

Growatt Solar Inverter Issues: What You Need To Know

Growatt inverters, like any other solar inverter, do experience occasional faults and issues. Some of these involve minor hiccups that you can easily correct, while others may require professional solar inverter repairs. Understanding the different error codes that your Growatt solar inverter may display helps you pinpoint the problem and address it appropriately.

Here’s a quick summary: When your Growatt solar inverter displays an error code, it’s an indication that something is wrong with the system. Depending on the code, the issue could range from an easy fix to more complex problems that may require professional intervention.

Common Growatt Solar Inverter Error Codes

Growatt inverters utilize a system of codes to indicate issues within the system. Here are some of the most common occurrences:

  • Error Code 1: This signals a problem with the inverter internal circuitry. It may require expert solar inverter repairs to rectify.
  • Error Code 2: This is indicative of an isolation issue and often needs professional attention.
  • Error Code 117: This alerts you to a relay check failure, which generally means there is an issue with the insulation in your solar panel system.

All of these errors could bring your solar system to a halt and affect your system’s output, hence your energy savings. It’s essential to deal with such issues promptly.

Growatt Solar Inverter Troubleshooting Tips

If the Growatt solar inverter displays an error, the first thing to do is reset the system. If it’s a minor issue, the error code will disappear after the reset. However, if the code persists or reappears, you may have a more significant problem on your hands.

In case of persistent errors, you’ll likely need a solar inverter replacement or repairs from professional solar repair specialists. There may be a need for a complete assessment of your solar system to detect the root of the problem, too.

When To Seek Professional Help

If resetting the system and following the troubleshooting guide in your Growatt manual doesn’t solve the problem, then it’s time to solicit the help of experienced Houston solar repair experts. Continuously ignoring these issues could prove detrimental to your solar system in the long run.

Remember, professional solar panel repairs can help restore your system to its optimal functionality. So, never ignore or delay seeking help when faced with frequent error codes on your Growatt solar inverter.

Always Keep An Eye Out

Simple solar panel maintenance in Houston can go a long way in ensuring your system performs optimally. Keeping a close eye on it, especially in monitoring the performance of your inverter, could save you from costly repairs or replacements. Recognizing common errors and acting timely can yield significant savings on your energy bills.

For more information about Growatt inverters and how to handle their error codes, you can check the official Growatt service page. They have a comprehensive list of error codes and troubleshooting processes.


The success of your solar power system relies heavily on the seamless functioning of your solar inverter. Thus, understanding common errors that might arise and their appropriate rectification is advantageous. With Growatt solar inverters, having a basic knowledge of common error codes and troubleshooting processes will help maintain your solar system at its peak performance.

However, in the case of persistent errors, it is always best to rely on solar repair specialists. Quality solar inverter repairs are an important part of maintaining your investment. So when in doubt, seek professional help.


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